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Malaysia Paying $1,000 For Gay Prevention Video

I was astounded to open the newspaper today and find that Malaysia has set a new government program in place to encourage students to create videos tackling “gender confusion”. It’s a contest for students between 13-24 who can win up to $1,000 USD.

“Gender confusion” seems to be a pretty broad term which covers gays and lesbians, transgender people… and even tomboys.

It’s disgusting that this sort of behaviour is still carried out by governments in 2017. Get with the times, holy crap.

Malaysia has also been in the news lately for banning Disney from using a gay character in Beauty and the Beast.  Disney pushed back which I was very happy to hear.

Anyway, it’s time to take Malaysia off of your holiday list. Also, if any gay Malaysian’s are listening: come to Toronto and we’ll show you a much better time 😉

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